El Flamin’ Taco and Customers!

“All the El Flamin’ Taco customers are special for us. Our number one rule it’s to never cheat the customer and always give them more for their money, which includes great customer service and fresh food at all times no matter what!”

One of the best taco trucks you’ll ever experience in the City of Los Angeles/Echo Park.

El Flamin’ Taco was first known as “Los Cuates”, and they where located on the corner of Vermont and 3rd Street in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. At simple sight, just a taco truck like any other; however, what made El Flamin’ Taco so special was not only their great flavor, but their unique LED signage that later on became a trend among them.

So why El Flamin’ Taco?

“El Flamin’ Taco was originally a vision that came true. Once in Hollywood, I expressed to my sister how cool it would be to own a taco truck with a nice flaming-print paint job, chrome wheels and plasma TV’s, where everyone could enjoy their favorite sport, similar to a sports bar.

The Logos

The logos are what distinguish us from everyone else.
They represent controversy, but at the same time, they represent our support to many movements.

The 4/20 logo, which is my favorite, represents what many of us know; 50% or more whom smoke and are waiting for marihuana to be legalize. The rainbow logo represents our support to all gay people in the world who should be treated with respect at all times, and who are fighting to be recognized as human beings and gain full rights as any other hard working citizen. The Aid Walk logo, it’s to remind our customers that “safety” should always come first in their lives. Pink Ribbon logo; we support by participating in the annual cancer walk, we strongly believe that everyone should do too.”